Welcome to UniversityScanIR

Using Thermal Mapping as an Asset Management Tool for Universities

UniversityScanIR™ is a specialized service provided by the AITscan™ division of Stockton Infrared Thermographic Services designed specifically for Universities and Colleges. We have provided infrared (IR) thermographic imaging services and resources to customers since 1989. With a history of innovation and a background in real-world applications, our goal is to help clients save money with their predictive/preventive maintenance costs by providing state-of-the-art infrared thermographic services accompanied by imagery and reports which pinpoint specific problem areas within the facility and the facility grounds. The imagery provided is the highest quality available in the infrared industry and customers have testified that the information received from our services has been instrumental in correcting problems and saving their organization thousands of dollars in maintenance costs.

Infrared thermography as a predictive maintenance (PdM) inspection technique is a widely-recognized and effective non-destructive (NDT) testing tool used often to check electrical and mechanical systems, buildings, roofs and facilities. IR is also used to improve manufacturing processes and is utilized in R&D applications. Please review articles and white papers and check out the latest news on IR thermography.

SITS was founded in 1989 by Gregory R. Stockton. Mr. Stockton is considered an industry expert with many years of hands-on experience. With a fanatical focus on technical excellence and customer service, he has created a line of services and applications unparalleled in the infrared service industry. He is widely considered an expert and “founding father” in the aerial infrared industry and has refined the application over the years by utilizing the highest quality infrared equipment available as well as fine-tuning the imagery collection and processing systems. The experience of our pilots and thermographers is unmatched in the industry.

Why Choose Us

  • Unmatched experience within the application of aerial infrared.
  • We use the highest-quality infrared equipment available which captures problem areas unseen to the naked eye or by lower quality cameras.
  • Refined imagery collection and processing systems.
  • A staff of professional, experienced thermographers well-versed in the multiple applications of infrared thermography with the knowledge and experience in utilizing the imagery to save customers thousands of dollars in predictive / preventive maintenance costs.